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If you're tired of music that lacks meaning, sit in with Echodrive...

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What Others are Saying About Echodrive:

"Echodrive is a talented and effective band. The music they create as a whole has a heartfelt message of love lost, love found, and a hope for a better world. What emerges is a powerful and effective sound, uniquely their own and rarely witnessed. Expect big things to come of this band."  -Edis Kittrell/ KGLT Radio

"Both harmonious and electrifying, Echodrive creates an invigorating soundscape that transcends genres."  -Michael Boise, Soundcolor Studios

"You can tell these guys put their hearts and souls into each song, which is extremely refreshing these days. I highly recommend Echodrive."  -Aaron S

"This young, talented band is on a mission. Their music comes from their heart and soul and leaves you tapping your foot to the tunes. You can sense their passion for playing together and creating a positive experience."  -Hannah F.

"I seek out Echodrive whenever I can, I've never been disappointed and you won't be either."  -Benjamin K

"If you're looking for a band that does easily digestible and disposable music, this is not the band for you. But if you don't mind songs that have something to say, might actually cause you to think, and that can still rock or hold down a groove, then you need to check out Echodrive."  -Gil Stober, Peak Recording Studio