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If You Have a Few More Minutes I Wanted to Tell You Something...

Now I know I'm just this "guy" on the internet, but as I'm sitting here writing this, I'm imagining you and seeing the beauty and light of your soul.  If this sounds a little weird, well...get used to it, lol!  I think you're pretty awesome.  You're a unique being and there is NO ONE else like you.

Listen, I know we hear these things all the time.  People telling us to just see ourselves in a positive light, bring out our inner rockstar, etc, etc.  I know it's NEVER that easy and that life has a subtle way of pushing us down until we're a shadow of the light we have deep within us.  I don't know if this speaks to you, but it certainly happens to me.

I've always projected a mask of extreme confidence (in the sense that I've trusted and known there was something inside me, guiding me).  I don't let my walls down and I don't let people see me fully vulnerable usually.  I need to work on that!

Thankfully, I've always felt a connection to that still small voice inside that says, "you are more"...that doesn't mean I don't struggle with doubt, self-loathing, shame, etc...but I just keep coming back to that voice when I'm struggling and it helps me.

That is one of the gifts I hope to be able to provide you with regularly.  To be a friend that says, "'ve got some greatness inside of you.  You have a spark, a light that cannot be replaced or dimmed by anyone."  It's there.  Under the pain, the hurt, the challenges of the day and of life.

We all struggle with realizing our full light and truly expressing it on a daily basis.  It's one of my biggest struggles...BUT...I'm going to keep working on it and I hope you won't mind me reminding you to as well, lol.  Sound good?!

Okay, in closing...

I'm a little silly.  I like to tease, joke, and kid around.  Because, well...I LOVED being a kid, and I still am.  I love that innocence and light of childhood.  So get ready for a little fun.

Bless you my friend...May your heart find ALL it desires!!